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Snezka, The Highest Peak

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

As we arrived at the foot of Snezka it was apparent that a high population of the Czech Republic had the same idea to get to the top. we purchased a couple of tickets for the cable and off we went. word of warning, it's not cheap so do your research first.

It was an interesting ride as I discovered fast that my partner has never been on one before and was seriously scared of heights.

We arrived at the top to be greeted by amazing vistas, but it was a bit of a fight to try and get some shots without hundreds of people in the shots. GO TO THE GALLERY IN THE MENU TO SEE ALL PHOTOS. I hope you enjoy them please like and comment on your favourites .

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1 Comment

Anna Středová
Anna Středová
Jan 19, 2022

I love mountains and snow, the most beautiful photos 🪄🥶❄️

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